Heat insulation of extruded panel external wall insulation materials

Extruded panels should have good thermal insulation. The floor heating extruded plate should be in direct contact with the pipe. When the temperature of the hot medium exceeds 45°, the material itself will volatilize substances harmful to human body, which is very harmful to human health. For floor heating systems that require continuous use for months, if the extruded panels are not environmentally friendly, even if winter temperatures are high enough, there will be no return.

The extruded plate insulation material can collect excessive heat and release smoothly in appropriate time. Small gradient change can effectively reduce energy loss, winter insulation can play a role of balance.

Other waterproof measures should be taken in the insulation material of extruded panels. Extruded board external wall insulation materials: polyurethane external wall insulation materials: the highest performance of external wall insulation materials.

Extruded board exterior wall insulation material is the best insulation material. It should be divided into extruded board and factory prefabricated rigid polyurethane extruded board.



Post time: Jun-24-2020